Painting with highly pressurized cans that can explode? What an excellent idea

Pictured above, members of our Mech Team finish the first round of painting the chassis that you saw in our last post (Click here) . With another 2 or 3 rounds to go, they work around the clock to make sure all the technical aspects are done before the electronics teams get down to business. Their work and time commitment is incredible, and we don’t know where we would be without them. 

After one exploding can of spray paint, the team now waits to come back another day and finish their work on the chassis, including putting it back together again. They will also likely help the Electronics teams put into place our newly purchased motor, battery and sensors. Having 3D printed some of the more easier parts, they are fully utilizing all the toys at their disposal here at UCD.

Currently we are on track to hit our deadline for fresher’s week, so if you are interested in the Kart, come and check out our team at the UCD Mech Soc Stand, starting the week of the 17th of September. As always our email is open to all inquiries at :

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