Having raised almost €2000 internally, we were able to purchase an old Go-Kart frame, graciously collected by our two chassis team leads. She’s seen some mileage but after a fresh coat of paint and a good scrub, she’ll be good as new.

The purchase of this Chassis brings us to the end of Stage one of our project. We now have a concrete timeline set out for the next two weeks, where our primary goal is to showcase this Kart at Freshers week.  We also want to begin our recruitment process the following week, to put together a concrete team for working on the final car. Finally, we also hope to have a small get together, for all our new members and any interested in the project, as a sort of launch event for the bulk of the work on this Project.

Currently, we have all hands on deck, to finish working on the Kart, including applying a fresh coat of paint, pulling the old pieces of the Kart apart and putting them back together, as well as hopefully getting to test the Kart on a track before the beginning of the semester, just to show some of our fancy statistics. We also have a fully operational sensor set, which has been tried and tested, ready to roll.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting news!

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