Honestly, Sexy

With Fresher’s Week getting closer, our team is ready to put their work on display. Following an intense and tough summer of trying to reach this Fresher’s Week deadline, we are now proud and a little nervous to present our work. Find the Kart on display all week at the Mech Soc Fresher’s Stand, starting from the 17th of September. 

If you or your friends are interested in joining our team, please talk to the Mech Soc members and they will direct you towards our information evening, taking place in the Innovation Academy at 6pm on Thursday the 20th of September. Here we hope to begin our recruitment process and expand our teams to ease the workload for building our final car. This info evening is the first step in our recruitment process and will be only time to register your interest in this project. Please do attend if you are in anyway interested, as we will not be holding another recruitment drive.

As always, we are always available to contact at info@ucdfs.ie


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