Only the strong survive.

This week, our team was lucky enough to get the chance to go down to Kylemore Karting to burn some rubber, hurt some feelings and even see if we had any potential drivers for when we eventually end up in Silverstone. All that’s required to be driver for our team and the competition is valid EU drivers license. With “who’s going to be the driver” at the top of our FAQ list, we hope that this puts that burning question to bed.

All 35 of our own were present on this fateful Wednesday night, with our 3 fastest drivers being seriously considered for our driver program. If they are in possession of or are able to get a driver’s license in the meantime, then they will be invited to our driver program, where they will no doubt be spending plenty of time down on the tracks at Kylemore. Fastest lap times, overall skill and weight will determine who we choose to put in the cockpit come July. Some events will require more skill than others, such as the Endurance test, which is 22 km race around a circuit to ensure that our car can last that kind of distance. Other events such as the sprint and acceleration race will simply come down to weight and skill

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