“Look ma, no wheels!”

Pictured above is our Chassis Team, who were able to put together an entire PVC chassis in one day in order to provide a model for what they hope to assemble in a few months time.  The model serves as a good base for what the final product should look like, as well as providing information on how much space we will have for the various components of the car. The team plan on making another model after they have completed their initial design and stress tests, as well as having fitted everything virtually onto the car.

Chassis is one of our 3 Mechanical teams, alongside Steering and Braking (S&B) and Suspension. All 3 teams are heavily reliant on simulation software such as Solidworks and Ansys to provide data and a visualisation of what our final product will look like. Ansys and Solidworks also allow for modelling and quick revisions to various designs, weights and dimensions, allowing us to stress test and resize based on the information on hand. Both softwares have been invaluable to us during our design phase, and we are truly grateful to both companies for copies of their software for our use.

With only 3 weeks to go before our design freeze, both our Mechanical and Electronics teams will be busy at work and will have lots to report. Check back here soon for more updates. As always please don’t be afraid to get in touch with us at info@ucdfs.ie. We want to talk to you!

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