“Knowledge comes by taking things apart, but wisdom comes by putting things together” – John A. Morrison, US Congressman 1814

Pictured above are members of our Mechanics team standing over the last Formula Student car to compete in an iMechE competition. The car shown was part of the 2013 team’s bid in the competition and is a petrol car. Although it has not been used in any form other than as a promotional tool for UCD, we want to do something very different to it.

Members of our Mech Team look on with eager eyes as this picture was taken minutes before they decided to dismantle the whole thing. Many of the small parts needed in our designs can be sourced from other places and don’t have to be bought new if they are able to pass a standard safety and useability test. This allows us to cut a few thousand euro off of our costings and makes the project a little cheaper. For example, our Steering and Braking Lead, Ronan (3rd from the left in blue) was delighted to find a fully functional Rack and Pinion set to use as part of his steering system. The model for this can be found on our Facebook and Instagram Pages

With Christmas and exams fast approaching, UCD Formula Student will be taking a back seat for our team as they focus on their degrees for once. Our blogs will still be up so keep checking back for more news!

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