“No mom, I’m not going to stick it together with glue”

Pictured above are members of our Mechanics team ready to get down to work with our newest sponsor, Reactive Welding in their workshop in Inchicore. We’d like to give a big thank you and extend our warmest gratitude to Reactie Welding, as they have allowed us to come in and use their workshop to weld and create our chassis. We would be in a much worse place without Reactive, and we can’t thank them enough.

With construction starting and parts orders going out, exciting times are on their way. Electronics teams eagerly await the arrival of their PCB boards, all of which have been designed by the students themselves, as well as our motor, for which an order had been placed last week. Coming next are our batteries (all 1000 of them), with battery prototypes to be built in the next few days. The Elec team also submitted their FMEA document last week, detailing their extensive knowledge of their own systems and the work they’ve put in so far. The only way is up from here.

On the Business end of things, we’re glad to announce that we’ll be heading out to schools in the next few weeks to really promote the project, engineering and UCD to prospective Leaving Cert Students who are thinking of a career in engineering. Over the next two weeks, we want to hit over 10 schools and really show why engineering is the course to do, with massive developments in Electronics and Mechanics taking place in the last few years. It’s an excellent time for the Irish industry as well, with companies like Jaguar Land Rover expanding into the Irish Market. The Irish EirSat Project is also getting off the ground (see what i did there) in UCD, if you’re the space exploration type.

With two weeks off from academic study, you can be sure that all of our spare time is going into building this car. In the wise words of one of our business team members “its not going to go vroom vroom, but more like your washing machine turning on”.
As always, please shoot us any questions you might have to info@ucdfs.ie

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