The Team on the track at Silverstone on the final day of competition

Our rookie year fulfilled our dream as we came 8th out of 22 in the Electric Vehicle category and 41st overall at FSUK in Silverstone in July 2019. The electrifying event really drew all of the team members into the world of motorsport.

Silverstone is a special track, and the air of competitiveness mixed with a collective passion for all things automotive created a week to remember as 82 teams unpacked and took to the track. The resounding sentiment from all of our team members afterwards was a certain sense of belonging, as all teams – from Bangladesh to Belfield – discussed their cars, projects, and future aspirations intensely, yet openly.

Amidst the competing, scrambling to get cars tuned and ready to go, and essentially fangirling with other teams, we were able to talk to recruiters from Newton Consulting, GKN Automotive, Jaguar Land Rover, and the coveted Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team (apologies to the Scuderia-Ferrari diehards among you.) Even for the few members of the team not planning on heading into to the automotive industry, the prospect of working for an F1 team was tantalising.

All sights are set to the 2021 season (with the 2020 season being interrupted due to the pandemic), and we hope to build from this admirable foundation.

Honestly, I just want get back to Silverstone and hear the roar of one of Red Bull’s old cars ripping around the track… There is a petrol head deep down inside me…

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