There’s no rest for the engineering students, not even with a global pandemic going on!

This year, our UCD formula team got the chance to put forward a team into the NovaUCD Student Enterprise Competition 2020, an intensive 4 week long mentoring program for student entrepreneurs. Most importantly, an opportunity to gain a bit more insight into business and the chance to earn our UCDFS team some funding. Usually, this competition is held on the UCD campus but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year it is hosted entirely online!

Our team consists of Scott Mulligan, a second-year Mechanical Engineering student, and Peter Gately and Kelly Kaulsay, both first-year Engineering students.

As 3 engineering undergrads in a startup competition, we lacked a bit of business experience… Or at least that’s what we thought! We shook the competition with our very own Peter Gately knocking the competition out of its socks in our end of week 1 Kahoot quiz by scoring top of all participants! Thus winning the UCDFS bragging rights and giving us no more excuses for not knowing business!

This week was mostly focused on building our business model, customer development profile and finding our start up’s early developers (all weird business terms that we didn’t know before this), which bought our team enough time to finalize our start up idea!

Throughout the week we have met some amazing mentors, such as Rohan and Raomal Perera and got to listen to their inspiring stories of their entrepreneurial journeys. We are excited to see where this program will bring us and UCDFS so stay tuned! 

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