Team Roster coming soon!

The Business and Media team is what it sounds like. We are the primary team and body responsible for all things that aren’t related to the engineering of the car. Keeping our hands off the metal, we dirty our hands else where.

All the promotions? That’s us.

All the social and professional events? That’s us.

All the annoying spam? That’s also us.

With a small tight team, we are the group responsible for funding this project. While other teams wrestle with parts and circuits, we are approaching companies that we feel may be interested in the project and that can be of benefit to them. Our sponsorship campaign is to begin close to the end of September, we posses the monstrous task of raising up to €50,000, covering all the possible costs of the team as a whole. Daunting as it may be for a group of full time students, our previous successes and proficient teamwork lead us to believe that we are ready to learn and ready to succeed.

The other aspect of the business team is the social media campaign, public out reach and events. With a constant stream of content as our team progresses, the Social Media Team is responsible for the maintenance of the Facebook, Instagram and making sure that our posts are getting enough traction to garner interest in the project. They are dedicated to improvement and are often on the ground at events, looking for the perfect shot to promote our team. Without them, no one would know who we are.

Finally, our events team are the multi- talented group. From organizing the team social event, to a sponsored night out, to professional sponsorship conventions, the events team is always on hand during the crunch times. Ensuring the smooth success of any event we run, from planning all the way through to execution, the events team is always looking for opportunities to bring our team closer together and to promote us as a hard working group, but also those who can let loose a little when the time is right.

All in all, the B&M Media team have a daunting task. Sponsorship is the crux on which this project is relying, so we cant afford to fail. With pressure mounting to hit deadlines quickly and in good time, B&M is dedicated to working as fast as we can, so the technical times can take their times when it comes to building the car at ease, to produce the best product we ultimately can.