Kirby Group Engineering Join UCDFS as Sponsors

UCDFS is delighted to announce that Kirby Group Engineering will be joining us as key corporate sponsors on our journey to Silverstone! Kirby will be funding a significant portion of the team’s build, providing the engineers with the opportunity to source and purchase the best materials and technology for the car.

UCDFS presents: MTV Cribs

                 “For the process to work it must be continued”- Ron Shockley Coming into the New Year, we hoped to have finalised designs and models and to begin construction as soon as possible. To start our very own brand of welding, construction and excess use of glue, we are delighted to Read more…

The Team with the 2005 FS Car

Still in one piece

“Knowledge comes by taking things apart, but wisdom comes by putting things together” – John A. Morrison, US Congressman 1814 Pictured above are members of our Mechanics team standing over the last Formula Student car to compete in an iMechE competition. The car shown was part of the 2013 team’s Read more…