UCD’s Formula Student car from 2005

Improving and Promoting


We at UCDFS are commited to opening people’s minds to the world of Electric Vehicles. Making Electric Vehicles exciting will improve the public’s attitude towards EV as a viable transportation alternative, accelerating the conversion of Ireland’s transport sector to green technology.

We aim to encourage young people’s understanding of the applications of STEM skills through our school’s outreach programme, championed by our team of STEM advocates.

We are developing and growing our team’s skills and expertise to build a group of competent and knowledgable engineers.

Meet our Alumni – Muireann Spain

Muireann Spain was a key member of our inaugural UCDFS team in 2018/19. She tells us her experiences looking back on the project and how it’s helped shape her career as a Systems Engineer at Waymo.

Kirby Group Engineering Join UCDFS as Sponsors

UCDFS is delighted to announce that Kirby Group Engineering will be joining us as key corporate sponsors on our journey to Silverstone! Kirby will be funding a significant portion of the team’s buil…

Morgan McKinley endorse the competency of UCDFS Team Members

Morgan McKinley back UCDFS Members

We are delighted to announce that Morgan McKinley have officially endorsed the professionalism and skill of UCDFS members. In the endorsement below, hear John Cun…

NovaUCD announces UCDFS’s brainchild, Formula Training, winners

You’ve no doubt heard about it from every major news source worth its salt, but now you can hear it straight from the team that did it, the winners of the NovaUCD Student Enterprise Competition 2020…

New Phone Who Dis?

We got a facelift!

We, like many people during this pandemic, have taken some time to *deep breath* find ourselves. No, while we have not attempted team yoga, we have found ourselves a new logo that …

We’re Kind Of A Big Deal

Your favourite trio is back with an update on the progress in the NovaUCD Student Enterprise Competition. Moving onto the final week on Monday, we’ve covered a lot in the last three weeks.

We sp…