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Mechanics, Chassis and Body, we’re the definition of ‘does what it says on the tin’. This is the team that quite literally holds the work of every other team together, from Drivetrain, Steering and Breaking, even as far as Telemetry and Sensors. We get our hands on everyone else’s craftsmanship and it goes where we say (or calculate?)!


As a team, we turn the raw sections of steel, aluminium and anything fancier that we can get our hands on, in to a work of art which will be our race car chassis. Every single component that is manufactured or purchased during the duration of the projects timescale will be joined to it in some form or another, meaning that interfacing with each team is fundamental if we are to have a chassis of optimum performance. Rigidity, efficiency and safety are of utmost importance throughout all our work, as we strive to create the best chassis we can with the time, money and resources available to us.


Apart from the chassis, we’re in charge of the body. That’s right! The looks. The styling. The panache. It’s all on us. But, it can’t just look good, it needs to function even better. Of course, huge rear wings, splitters and canards all look fantastic, so there’ll be plenty of calculations in that area, along with reams of CAD and plenty more virtual testing. Our dedicated team of aero fanatics have already begun the early stages of a design realisation with what began as some basic curiosity testing to fully-fledged designs being analysed to a very high standard for such early stages of this colossal project.


Finally, they’ve both got to be joined together. Yeah, it’s all well and good having 2 major feats of engineering sitting on the workshop floor beside one-another, they’ll look great. Although, it’s kind of essential that they fit together, with everything inside them including a full-size human. We’ve definitely got our work cut out for us, but if it was easy everybody would be doing it. So, we’re diving head first in to the deep with our big boy flippers on and going for it. Over the course of the next 10 months or so there’ll be; a minimum amount of blood, astonishing amounts of sweat and undoubtedly a few tears along the way. Up to and including this stage in the overall project, the team have been amazing, and the work is being taken head on by all involved. It’s running smoothly as of now and will be all the way through ‘until the end.