Committed to a

Sustainable Future

Our commitment to creating a sustainable future is the driving force behind our entrance in the Electric Vehicle category of Formula Student.

We’re fighting for a sustainable future where people can meet their needs without compromising future generations. Through the construction and development of the UCDFS electric race car, we make it our responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment.

We strive to design a car with excellent energy performance, manufactured with highly-recyclable sustainable materials while avoiding hazardous substances.

Listen to Maggie, a member of our sponsorship team, explain how we promote and contribute to a sustainable future.

Meet our Alumni – Muireann Spain

Muireann Spain was a key member of our inaugural UCDFS team in 2018/19. She tells us her experiences looking back on the project and how it’s helped shape her career as a Systems Engineer at Waymo. …

Kirby Group Engineering Join UCDFS as Sponsors

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Johnson & Johnson Join UCDFS as Sponsors

The pharma and consumer packages multinational have confirmed they will give generous funding in return for the team’s extensive engineering expertise.

Morgan McKinley endorse the competency of UCDFS Team Members

Morgan McKinley back UCDFS Members We are delighted to announce that Morgan McKinley have officially endorsed the professionalism and skill of UCDFS members. In the endorsement below, hear John Cun…

New Phone Who Dis?

We got a facelift! We, like many people during this pandemic, have taken some time to *deep breath* find ourselves. No, while we have not attempted team yoga, we have found ourselves a new logo that …