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The Telemetry team monitors exactly what our car is up to while it’s ripping up the track. We create systems which collect critical data about the car’s performance, show this data to the driver and our team and keep all the car’s elements within safe limits. Our job essentially is preventing any fires and explosions and making sure that everything is performing, as the big guys in NASA say, nominally.

Our work is a combination of electronic engineering and computer science. By means of electronic sensor devices and programmable microcontrollers such as Arduino, we collect data from each of the car’s components, such as battery packs, motors and wheels. Using this data, our system must determine whether each of the components is operating within safe limits and warn the driver or even take control itself if something is about to go badly wrong! Our work is perhaps the safest (apart from the Business team) but can make a huge difference in the safety of our car and our drivers

Once the car is off the road, we can upload all the data collected and use it to make some cool looking graphs. Using said graphs, we can carefully study each system’s performance and pin point which components need improvement (or see where the driver needs improvement). Without the Telemetry team’s work, other teams would have a tough time trying to troubleshoot the car and make improvements.

In summary, the Telemetry team puts together electronics specialists, programmers and data scientists. Thanks to our work, the car is kept in one piece and running safely. With the data collected by us, other teams can see clearly how their systems have been performing and what they can improve to win the race!